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The Carnot institute Qualiment®
your research partner for food innovation

Satisfying the consumer expectations in terms of sensory and nutritional quality of food in line with a sustainable alimentation is a major challenge with regards to innovation.

The Carnot institute Qualiment® provides the necessary scientific and technological resources to support compagnies in their projects, whether they aim at optimising existing processes or developing new food products.

To respond to this challenge, which is driven at the same time by economic, environnemental and public health factors, the French National Institute of Research in Agronomy (Inra) and its partners such as the graduate schools AgroCampus Ouest, AgroParisTech and AgroSupDijon, the National Centre of Scientific Research (CNRS), the Research Centre of Human Nutrition (CRNH) of Auvergne for clinical trials, the Center of collective research for companies producing canned and dehydrated food (CTCPA), the graduate school of Veterinary Medicine, Food Science and Engineering (Oniris), the Association of Acceleration in Technology Transfer (SATT Grand Est), the University of Auvergne, the University of Avignon and the University of Burgundy have created a network of laboratories: Qualiment®. This network has been labelled "Carnot institute" by the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research and certifies our scientific excellence and our involvement and competence in partnership.

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The goal of the Carnot institute Qualiment® is to offer its private partners, whether small, medium-sized or multinational companies, a large range of transversal competences in the food product field and to conduct research focused on a specific theme or on a global approach. Indeed, by taking advantage of its competences, it is possible to suggest R&D solutions to promote food which is better produced, better developed, better perceived and better adapted.

Qualiment® is the entrance gate to cooperation with state-of-the-art expertise of the public research laboratories for its private partners. Furthermore, Qualiment® obtained the certification ISO 9001 on its contracting process and is committed to excel in assuring professionalism and rapidity in the negotiation and management of contracts.




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Success stories : The works of our scientists contributed to the creation of several start ups

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