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Technology platforms

The Carnot institute Qualiment® has 12 technology platforms here grouped by thematic:


Sensory platforms

9147-0199Single platform in France to focus his research at the interface between physics, chemistry, sensory analysis and the biology of behaviour, the platform CHEMOSENS combines human and technical resources of exception, research on taste, sensory and food preferences. This platform has now become a national and international reference in:

  • The identification, quantification and structural analysis of flavours and lipids (chromatography-mass spectrometry, NMR, IR, olfactometry)
  • The study of interactions / diffusion of flavour molecules in food (NMR and IR), and monitoring of flavour molecules (flavours and flavouring) while chewing food (APCI-MS technique "nosespace")
  • Sensory studies (tasting rooms, olfactometer, databases, software dedicated to sensory analysis and statistical treatment of data, methods of dynamic measurements with temporal dominance of sensations sensations)

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Nutrition platform


The teams of the Carnot institute Qualiment® have access to two major platforms open to industrial partnerships:

  • The platform for functional metabolism exploration, with tools of mass spectrometry for metabolomic and proteomic approaches and incorporating a transcriptomic workshop.
  • The pet Site INRA Theix, allowing the accommodation of rodents and mini-pigs.

What is more, Qualiment® offers the access to:

  • Two calorimetric chambers for the continuous measurement of energy expenditure in humans
  • Tools for measuring body composition and imaging (DEXA, impedance, NMR).

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The teams of the Carnot institute Qualiment® also have masticatories and a gastrointestinal dynamic digester, which is unique in France, to monitor and study the food deconstruction during mastication and digestion.



Platform for clinical studies

9113-0071The Nutritional Exploration Unit (UEN)

has seven beds including two particularly aimed at invasive exploration or requiring specific monitoring.

This platform offers tools for the exploration of the protein-energetic metabolism, of micronutrients and non-energy nutrients.

The main methods used are:

  • using tracers including amino acids labelled with stable isotopes,
  • insulin clamp techniques,
  • tissue biopsies (muscle, adipose tissue),
  • measures of body composition (bioimpedance, DEXA) and energy expenditure by indirect calorimetry (for canopy and calorimetric chambers),
  • bone densitometry,
  • dietary surveys.

It should be noted that the UEN is the only site in France with two rooms for calorimetric investigations in humans, so this technology platform is unique in France.

The teams of the Carnot institute Qualiment® also offer all the services necessary to carry out clinical research protocols:

  • help for the protocols
  • development and preparation of special diets,
  • presentation of the documents needed to the Protection of Persons Committees and to the National Commission of Informatics and freedom
  • registration of the studies on international banks recording (Clinical Trials)
  • recruitment of volunteers and / or patients,
  • practical implementation of the protocols,
  • édevelopment of the results with interpretation of the analyses performed.

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Industrial design halls and conception of pilots

9147-0180The teams of the Carnot institute Qualiment® have 6 technology halls to:

  • develop pilots and carry out experimental tests,
  • onduct studies (feasibility, development, fabrication and characterization of products, equipment sizing ...),
  • conduct studies on a pilot scale.

Four of these halls are specialized in food texturing, microbial decontamination with soft technologies taking into account the sensory qualities of the products, liquid and solid fermentation and lyophilisation.

These structures allow you to realise your equipment conception and test the industrial transposition.

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Rheology of biological materials platform

9054-0119The rheology equipment consists in about twenty machines analysing the following area:

  • liquid rheology,
  • rheology dynamic system for solids, dough, liquids and gels,
  • texture measurement,
  • tensile test machine,,
  • tensiometry and interfacial extension rheology,
  • thermal analysis,
  • particle size analysis of dispersed media in dry and wet tracks,
  • determination of sorption isotherms (2 to 95%).


Spectroscopic imaging platform

4bc32773d215a41a20dd2901c8338934This platform is specialized in the techniques covering spectroscopic imaging applied to biology and the study of the food structure.

It is equipped with:

  • 6 research spectrophotometers adapted to different global analyses: fluorescence, transmission, infrared, fluorescence polarization,
  • 4 microscopes with issuing and acquiring spectral means with each specific features: fluorescence spectral camera, confocal spectral head, monochromatic lighting, micromanipulation, visualizations P cells and T cells, infusion cells.

All these facilities can implement different fluorescence techniques: static, time-resolved (FLIM), correlation (FCS), fluorescence polarization, co-location (FRET), evanescent wave (TIRF) and derivative techniques.

The main applications are:

  • Characterization of membrane dynamics of different cell models based on physical (pressure, temperature, electric fields) and chemical disturbance,
  • Cell signalling,
  • Transfer of molecules of interest to the interfaces.
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