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Your entrance gate toward public research

The Carnot institute Qualiment® is an entrance gate toward French public research for the private agribusiness companies.

The themes covered by the research teams of the Carnot institute Qualiment® offer you the opportunity to have an interdisciplinary approach of food in order to realize your innovation or development projects.

4 assets of competences:

  • Sensory quality, perception of taste and consumer behaviour
  • Nutritional quality and effects on health
  • Food structure
  • Food technologies and processes
permit to respond to the 4 substantial challenges concerning food:


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The Carnot institutes: for a simplified access to research

The aim of the Carnot institute Qualiment® is to promote partnership research between the public and the private sector in the field of food. What is more, we guarantee the best R&D competences and a simplified and quicker contracting.

If the competence you are looking for is not part of our network, the Carnot institute Qualiment® commits itself to lead you to the best public research skills to meet your needs. Qualiment® makes you reach the whole R&D strengths of the Inra and its partners.

Carnot institute: A label of excellence

“Carnot institute” is a label given by the French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research to groupings of public laboratories and/or technical institutes for a period of 3 renewable years.

This label certifies the in research and development of the Qualiment® laboratories and their competences related to the management of research agreements and partnerships.

There are currently 29 Carnot institutes related to great economical and societal challenges and linked with 6 fields of competence:

  • Mechanic, materials and process
  • Pathologies, nutrition, Health technologies,
  • Energy, propulsion, transport,
  • ICT, micro and nanotechnologies
  • Construction, civil engineering, land settlement
  • Environment, natural resources, chemistry.

These institutes can answer the needs of the private companies whatever their business sector is.

For further information please check the website of the Carnot institutes.

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