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The work of scientists from Qualiment® Carnot institute contributed to the creation of several start-ups.

logo bioactorBioActor

BioActor is a biotechnology company that develops and sells ingredients with health claims for dietary supplements and functional foods.
BioActor specializes in the development of active ingredients, clinically tested, having an effect on the metabolic syndrome and on disorders associated with aging.

logo bio sens


Since its creation in 1999, Bio-Sense combines analytical technologies for sensory analyses by developing a unique expertise to solve odour problems.
In 1998, Bio-Sense project was awarded by the "Springboard of Rhone Poulenc Foundation" and supported by the Ministry of Research and Technology in the competition for the creation of innovative companies.
Since then the company has developed a broad panel of methodologies and analysis as well as an internal database listing the chemical information, aromaticity and toxicity of over 4500 molecules.

logo food development

Food Development

Food Development is a company specializing in food innovation and development.
The company was established in April 2004 by Vincent Lafaye, in the heart of the largest French food basin.
Global provider in R&D food, the company supports manufacturers on the development of products, processes and packaging. Food development is part of and manages collaborative research programs.
Food Development develops, for you, the products of tomorrow!

logo id biotech


IDBiotech is a company specialized in the development, manufacture and commercialization of ELISA immunoassays and IDR (Radial immunodiffusion).
The kits are available for the authentication of raw materials and processed products of animal origin. They have a large range of applications in the food, pharmaceutical and veterinary field and are the essential tools for biotechnology companies as well as research laboratories.


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