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Do you have a question? // Frequently asked questions

contact-hoverHow to contact us ?

  • By phone or email
  • By depositing your question under confidentiality agreement on our Secured platform dedicated to companies

Frequently asked Questions :

For more information, visit the sections Terms of collaboration and Our commitments.

Contact us to learn more about our solutions and our R&D concrete modalities of partnerships.

How to guarantee the confidentiality of our exchanges ?

We invite you to exchange with us under secrecy agreement via our secured platform dedicated to companies.

You can also contact us by email or by phone.

What are the advantages of working with Qualiment® ?

Qualiment® has a comprehensive understanding of the range of expertise of Inra and its partners.

Qualiment® is committed to offering you the best skills to answer your research questions.

If the whole problem cannot be treated by Qualiment, the network integrates external laboratories to complete the offer or redirects to the best laboratories when the issue is not part of the expertise of the network.
The network allows you to answer issues of global research in nutrition, for example on the optimization of the composition and structure of their sensory appreciation for food and nutritional quality.

What is the method Qualiment® ?

  • Technical and scientific consultation organized quickly with scientists
  • Parallel exchange is organized to define the contractual agreement on the basis of standard contracts
  • A first proposal for collaboration contract is sent to you no later than two months after the writing of the research program
  • For more details, go to “Collaboration modality”

What types of contracts ?

  • The Carnot institute Qualiment® offers contracts with diverse length of time, from a few months to several years depending on your needs
  • Research contracts provide a scientific annex with deliverables and financial annex with details and cost sharing between researchers of Qualiment® and the private partner

>>>Research contracts with Qualiment® benefit of the research tax credit

What kind of transfer opportunities ?

  • Training and staff hosting
  • Transfer of know-how or processes
  • Development of industrial applications
  • Licensing
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