Quality policy

Carnot Qualiment® obtained in 2011 the Carnot label awarded by the French Ministry of Research, recognizing its scientific excellence and its strong activity of partnership research. The Carnot Qualiment® was relabelled Carnot in July 2016 and in February 2020.

Wishing to pursue the harmonious development of a high level academic research and a partnership research focused on innovation, but also driven by the desire to improve its efficiency and the joint satisfaction of its private partners and its supervisors, Carnot Qualiment® decided to implement a quality process in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. Carnot Qualiment® was certified ISO 9001 in September 2015, and it renewed its ISO 9001 certification in June 2018.

Carnot Qualiment®’s quality policy is oriented around five strategic axes:

  • Continuously improve the professionalization of the staff involved in the
    negotiations of partnership research contracts
  • Harmonize contractualization practices between partner organizations (called
    or institutions of affiliation)
  • Develop industrial partnerships in accordance with its research strategy while
    improving the satisfaction of private partners with regard to the processing of contracts.
  • To have tools presenting the good practices of contractualization and communication
    communication in order to sensitize the entities of Carnot Qualiment®.
  • To define and implement good practices of communication and prospecting in order to develop partnerships and
    to develop partnerships and the visibility of Carnot Qualiment®.

This quality policy allows Carnot Qualiment® to develop its industrial partnership in accordance with its strategy while improving the satisfaction of private partners regarding the instruction of research contracts.

Quality objectives, in relation with these axes, are defined, evaluated and reviewed during the management review organized at least once a year within Carnot Qualiment®.

I invite all the Carnot Qualiment® staff to get involved in the quality process, in order to ensure its success, and thank you in advance.

I appoint Alexis Deletoile as of 01/06/2022, quality representative of the Management and also deputy director of Carnot Qualiment®, in order to lead this progress process and to report to the Management – with the support of Corina Pruna, quality manager.

Catherine Renard

Director of Carnot Qualiment®