New sources of proteins

The context of strong demographic growth, combined with the global issues of climate change and nutritional transition, creates new pressures on natural resources and encourages to produce in a more sustainable way. Therefore, Carnot Qualiment® researchers want to be a driving force in the exploration of new sources of proteins, by working in particular on their functionalities and their acceptability by consumers.

Food for health and well being

Societal factors, underpinned by ever-expanding scientific and technological knowledge, tend to modify eating habits by bringing a new paradigm of tailor-made food. Therefore, Qualiment® teams have developed their expertise to meet specific objectives adapted to different segments of the population throughout the food value chain.

Consumer and pleasure

Taste in the broad sense remains the major determinant of consumer behavior, with sometimes contradictory stakes between nutritional eating and the pleasure of eating. To answer this problem, Carnot Qualiment® has strong competences in sensory analysis, understanding of physiological mechanisms, analysis of taste and olfactory receptors, or in understanding the role of the consumption environment.

Towards an intelligent agri-food plant

The development of digital technology and the evolution of agricultural production methods and consumer demands tend to make the design of food processing plants evolve towards smaller scale units, flexible and controlled in real time. The Qualiment® network expertise is at the service of the development and the optimization of food processing to integrate these evolutions.

Microorganisms for food and health

Fermented foods and functional foods containing probiotic microorganisms represent two fast growing markets that correspond to the current societal demand for a more natural food and pharmacopoeia. Qualiment®'s expertise enables us to select, produce, preserve, store and rationally use the microorganisms that carry out these functions.

Naturalness trend

Naturalness is a clear demand of consumers for their daily food, and translates in particular into the rejection of certain chemical or enzymatic processes or additives. Qualiment® laboratories help food companies to develop more natural products by combining approaches based on formulation, new processes and knowledge of consumer behavior.


Research Network for Food Innovation
INRAE - Carnot accredited

Qualiment® is a network of research laboratories and a technical center that supports food and ingredients companies and equipment manufacturers in the development of their innovations. The Qualiment® network has received the Carnot label, awarded by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. This label is a recognition of the excellence of its members from a scientific point of view and in their partnership relationship with companies. To reinforce this guarantee of partnership excellence, Qualiment® has obtained ISO 9001 certification for its contract appraisal process.

Led by INRAE, the Qualiment® network is also structured with Institut Agro Rennes-Angers AgroParisTech, Insitut Agro Dijon, CNRS, CRNH, CTCPA, Oniris, SATT SAYENS, the University of Clermont Auvergne, the University of Avignon and the University of Bourgogne.

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