Qualiment®, your R&D partner in food industry

The Qualiment® network supports food companies in the development of their innovation projects. It gathers laboratories and a technical center recognized in the field of human food.


Food science for business innovation

The Qualiment® network, labeled Carnot, is supported by INRAE and brings together laboratories and a technical center recognized for their scientific excellence and the quality of their research partnerships. They have transversal competences in food, to propose to companies a complete research offer in the field for their innovation, improvement or repositioning projects.

The objective of Carnot Qualiment® is to direct companies towards the best skills at national level to answer their innovation issues, sometimes even beyond the labelled network. Qualiment® offers the possibility to be, for its private partners, a gateway to all public research in the field of food in France.

Food for pleasure and health while respecting the environment

Qualiment® offers to its private partners, whether they are SMEs, ETIs or large industrial groups, a range of cross-disciplinary skills in the field of human food. These skills allow us to propose R&D solutions to develop better produced, better constructed, better perceived and better adapted foods.

Better produced

  • To be able to control industrial processes to improve the nutritional and sensory quality of food
  • Eco-design of equipment and production lines for a sustainable food industry
  • Work on "minimal processing" to meet consumer demand for "naturalness"

Mieux construitsBetter constructed

  • Understand the impact of food structure on the bioavailability of nutrients and sensory compounds
  • Improve processes through reverse engineering, in particular to control the structure of the matrix and optimize the release of active compounds
  • Stabilize ingredients and processing aids, especially probiotics, to preserve their functionality
  • Proposing new formulations to meet the clean label and "naturalness" requirements

Mieux adaptésBetter adapted

  • Understand the physiological effects of nutrients and probiotics on the functions of the body in specific populations (seniors, athletes, children)
  • Understand the causes of deleterious effects (allergies, intolerances, neo-formed or anti-nutritional compounds) of foods
  • Study the impact of food on the intestinal microbiota and the impact of the microbiota on health
  • Contribute to the development of nutritional claims and recommendations

Mieux perçusBetter perceived

  • Develop new tools to measure the consumer's appreciation of food or their disincentives to consumption: implicit measurements, virtual reality, temporal determination of sensations, etc.
  • Identify the molecules and mechanisms responsible for the olfactory and gustatory qualities of foods
  • Understand the formation of the sensory image and the role of memory in food appreciation and choice
  • Understand the role of food and sensory exposure on food preferences, profiles and choices

Public research and companies hand in hand

Qualiment®, in collaboration with innovation actors, identifies the key issues and research needs to anticipate future innovations. A college of companies and innovation actors validates the adequacy between the partnership research strategy carried by Qualiment® and the research needs of companies.

Researchers develop their skills and expertise through internal projects funded by Qualiment® and evaluated by a scientific board of researchers and R&D managers.

Support and quality

Your Qualiment® contacts:

  • Propose the best research offer ;
  • Accompany you in the construction of the research project;
  • Ensure an efficient contractualization and follow-up of the project.

The best offer

Your Qualiment® contacts listen to your needs, help you to identify and associate the most appropriate research and development skills for your project. Your interlocutors help you to build the best project with the Qualiment® network laboratories or beyond in France.

The construction of the project

Your Qualiment® representatives will accompany you in the construction of the research project, they will facilitate the meeting between researchers and companies and will ensure a follow-up throughout the realization of the collaboration.

An efficient contractualization

The respect of the Carnot intellectual property charter within all Qualiment® network entities facilitates exchanges with companies and accelerates the contractualization of research collaborations.

To offer to companies an additional guarantee of quality, Qualiment® has been certified ISO 9001. Qualiment® has set up harmonized procedures and tools within its network to ensure the respect of good contracting practices and the respect of commitments made during the collaboration. Qualiment® guarantees the professionalism and the rapidity of the instruction of research contracts with companies as well as the good progress of the research collaboration.

Qualiment® Quality Policy