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Our laboratories


  • produces 640 A rating publications
  • cooperates every year with 200 companies
  • by means of 270 research contracts
  • pools approximately 650 researchers, engineers, post-graduates and graduates within 14 research entities and 12 technology platforms on the entire French territory.

Click on the different unit names on the interactive map to access their website.

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Food Process Engineering
Microbiology and Food Process Engineering
Center for Taste and Feeding Behaviour

Human Intestinal Metagenomics

→ Welience
Agribusiness and Bio-industrial

Food and Gut Microbiology for Human Health
Research Centre of Human Nutrition

Security and Quality of Plant Origin Products

Human Nutrition Unit
(MAPS) Process Engineering for Environment and Food
  → PAM
Food and Microbiological Processes
  → STLO
Science and Technology of Milk and Eggs
Technical Institute for Food Industry
Life Sciences and Health Unit


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